A Service is an “act or use for which a consumer, firm, or government is willing to pay”

Scheduling an in-office equipment consultation with Son-Rise Document Solutions could be beneficial for various reasons:

  1. Upgrading Office Equipment: If you’re looking to upgrade your office equipment for more efficiency, then let us help you make the decision easier and within your budget. Son-Rise has been providing the right solutions to customers since 1984. We do it right!
  2. Optimizing Performance: If your present office equipment is older, then let our experienced technicians service them for optimal performance.
  3. Scheduled Maintenance: Son-Rise doesn’t wait for your office equipment to fail. Since 1984, we have instituted general maintenance calls. All maintenance plans include general maintenance calls periodically. A well-serviced,, clean machine, runs efficiently.
  4. Repairing Old Broken Equipment: If you have old broken office equipment and you’re unsure if they can be repaired, then schedule an appointment with our experience service technicians. Our technical staff will advise you on the repair of the existing office equipment.
  5. Network Expansion: If you’re hiring more staff and need to add hardwired network cables or expand your WiFi, we can help plan and execute the install.
  6. Computer Upgrade: If you have older, slower computers that could benefit from more memory and hard drive space, our technicians can come to you or you can bring the computers to our tech lab.
  7. Document Management Cloud Solutions: Sharing office documents has never been easier or more secure. Son-Rise has the solution.

Services WE OFFER

With all our years of experience, the team at Son-Rise Document Solutions is ready and able to service your office equipment needs. We can also guide you in getting new equipment solutions for your business within your budget.

We service:

Multi-Functional Devices
Paper Shredders

Hardwire Network & WiFi Installs

Home and small- to mid-size office wired or wireless installs.

Repairs & Maintenance Contracts

Get as-needed repairs or scheduled ongoing maintenance.

Document Management Software

Organize your personal and business files securely online.

Computer Memory & Hardware Upgrades

Schedule memory and hardware upgrades on-site or in our lab.

Brands We Repair