What is Document Management?

Over the past century the traditional office has changed dramatically. New technologies such as telecommunications, computers, the Internet, and many others have improved office efficiency.
It is estimated that 80% of all business information is stored solely on paper. This part of the modern office has never changed. Paper documents are still filed away in traditional filing cabinets. Retrieving these documents can be an aggravating experience. Often documents are lost or misplaced. There is rarely a backup of this data. A disaster could easily destroy up 80% of a business's proprietary data.
This is what document management is designed to improve. Document management is the process of digitizing your paper documents into a searchable online library of information.
The document management process integrates a number of technologies to create, store and manage your digital documents.  Computers are used to store and retrieve the documents and scanners or multifunctional devices are used to digitize your paper into electronic format. Your office’s computer network allow access to your digital documents from remote locations, whether these locations are across the office, or across the world.
Once your data has been digitized, you can easily create backup copies to store off-site. This ensures that your business will survive any disaster.
The document management process also offers massive productivity improvements for your staff. Rather than digging through filing cabinets to find elusive information, simply search for the information from your computer. Once you have found the documents, you can print a copy or just read it on screen. Documents don't become lost since there is no need to re-file. Also, since the documents are now electronic, they can be viewed by many people at once. No more hunting for files in the office.
Staff that work from remote locations can gain instant access to the documentation that they require. No need to call and ask for documents to be faxed, just bring up the documents securely over the Internet, or your corporate virtual private network (VPN).
Document management can be used effectively by virtually any organization to improve staff efficiency, ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, and to empower remote staff members.


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