Kyocera’s PanelPlus, only available through Kyocera dealers, is a unique software tool that allows Kyocera authorized dealers to develop and deploy custom operation panel interfaces for end-user customers, as well as integrating assigned settings to automate copying and scanning tasks or workflows

As organizations seek to enhance workplace productivity, PanelPlus will boost performance via task-focused, pre-programmed “One-Touch” Buttons for Scan to E-Mail, Scan to SMB (PC) or Scan to FTP destinations for a more streamlined environment. The new PanelPlus v.3.x also supports copy and fax functions, as well as most device capabilities.

Benefits of PanelPlus for dealers are:
  Custom Panel as a differentiator
  • Create customized GUIs for your customers
  Revenue opportunities
  • Panel customization can be added to a dealer‘s professional services offering
  Customer retention
  • Closer interaction with the customer builds and develops customer loyalty and will allow your dealership to uncover potential targets for new solutions or products
  Expand solution capability within a dealership
  • PanelPlus is easy to use and does not require special training

Benefits for end-users include:
  Simplifies scanning process
  • Reduce and simplify complex copy and scanning tasks
  • Only the settings that the user needs are displayed
  Ensures compliance
  • Destination and settings are pre-defined
  • Errors are minimized with pre-defined settings
  Tailored to the user's requirements
  • Scan tasks can be customized as required based on user‘s requirements


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