Kyocera’s Google Connector is a business application that enables end users to access their Gmail and Google Calendars. Users have the ability to view and print their e-mails as well as print and send attachments. Kyocera’s Google Connector also enables a user to print out monthly calendars including events.

  • View and print e-mails by browsing through your Inbox and other folders.
  • Search through your mailboxes by keywords
  • Print PDF attachments that you receive from e-mails.
  • Compose e-mails and attach scanned documents

    Google Calendars

  • Print out a range of monthly Calendars with some options:
  • Print blank Calendars
  • Select from your list of Google Calendars to include events
    Supported MFP Models

    HyPAS-Enabled MFPs
    Color MFPs
  • TASKalfa/CS 7551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 7550ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 6551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 6550ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 5551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 5550ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 4551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 4550ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 3551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 3550ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 3051ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 3050ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 2551ci
  • TASKalfa/CS 2550ci


  • TASKalfa/CS 8001i
  • TASKalfa/CS 8000i
  • TASKalfa/CS 6501i
  • TASKalfa/CS 6500i
  • TASKalfa/CS 5501i
  • TASKalfa/CS 5500i
  • TASKalfa/CS 4501i
  • TASKalfa/CS 4500i
  • TASKalfa/CS 3510i
  • TASKalfa/CS 3501i
  • TASKalfa/CS 3500i
  • TASKalfa/CS 3010i

HyPAS-Capable MFPs***Color Multifunctional Printers

  • FS-C2526MFP
  • FS-C2626MFP
  • FS-C8520MFP
  • FS-C8525MFP
  • ECOSYS M6526cidn
  • ECOSYS M6026cidn

B&W Multifunctional Printers

  • FS-3540MFP
  • FS-3640MFP
  • FS-6525MFP
  • FS-6530MFP
  • ECOSYS M3560idn
  • ECOSYS M3550idn
  • ECOSYS M3540idn
  • ECOSYS M3040idn


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